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Bang! Music wants to help YOU care for your instruments


Virginia has particularly hectic weather which can be a real headache for those with string instruments. Extreme fluctuations in temperature can cause a number of problems to any wooden component of the instrument from fret overhang to fingerboard slippage, loose pegs, warping of the neck, or simply throwing your instrument out of tune.

FullSizeRenderFret overhang can make playing your guitar a real pain.

twisted-neckA warped neck will affect your intonation, action, and could cause possible dead frets (raised fret).

The best way to combat these potentially damaging changes is to keep your instrument in a  stable environment within the house, preferably away from any exterior windows, walls, or doors. Added stability can be achieved by the use of a humidifier either in the room where your instruments are kept, or within the instrument itself. Always use a case to carry your instrument when leaving the house.




You can find humidifier inserts, sponges, and dampits at Bang! Music today! Any questions please give us a call (540-659-6687) or come in to the store to talk with our knowledgeable staff about the best options for you.


We’re in the news!

Check out this great article about our Rockademia program from Stephen Hu of The Free Lance-Star.

What is Rockademia?

Rockademia is a unique program at BANG! Music designed to teach musicians how to work with one another in a band. These group lessons focus on cooperation and collaboration, and will teach students how to create lasting musical partnerships.

How does it work?

The classes are held at BANG! Music on Sundays from 12:30pm to 2:00pm. Tuition is $200 per student.

Students are formed into bands of 4 to 5 musicians. Coaches spend time with each student teaching the essentials of learning and rehearsing a set of songs, the differences between playing alone and in a group, and how to create melody, harmony, and rhythm in a band environment.

There are occasional guest appearances from other BANG! Music instructors or local professional musicians, who will give seminars on specific topics.

What do I need?

Because the classes are focused on the band dynamic and not instrument instruction, students must have prior experience with their chosen instrument. You don’t have to be a pro – if you can play along to a recording, you can learn to play the real thing with a group!

If you play an easily portable instrument like a guitar or bass, you will want to bring that – but if you’re a drummer or a pianist, just bring your sticks or fingers.

A notebook is recommended but not mandatory.

Great! Sign me up!

We are currently accepting registrations for our next session starting in 2019! Call or visit us today to ensure you have a spot reserved. Or send us an email from our convenient Contact Form!

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